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’90s Beauties Who Still Look Blooming Even After Several Years

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Look at the ‘then and now’ photos of these ‘90s beauties which prove that they are still blooming up to this day.

Here are some beauties who started their career in the Philippines showbiz industry during the 1990s but they are still as blooming as the first time they appeared on TV.

Anne Curtis


Her first TV appearance was in 1997 as “Ginny” in the original members of ‘TGIS’. Now, she has grown to be a total performer who can sing and dance, aside from acting.

Antoinette Taus

She is an actress, singer, dancer and commercial model in the early 90’s who started as one of the casts in ‘Ang TV’. She tried her fate in showbiz abroad but eventually returned to her home where she was first become famous.

Camille Prats

Until now she still has that youthful look on her face. Her first showbiz stint was in 1992. Probably, the most remarkable role she did was ‘Princess Sarah’.

Lucy Torres-Gomez

She was first seen in a shampoo endorsement way back in 1993, with Ricahrd Gomez as her leading man. That was the beginning of their love story which brought their lovely daughter Julianna to the world.

Roxanne Barcelo

At the young age of 13, she became one of the contestants for GMA’s talent show Metropop Search. After that, she was also offered with acting stints such as in the youth-oriented series ‘Click’. When she concentrated on her singing career, she changed her name to Roxee B.

Alessandra de Rossi

The award-winning actress started acting in Magic Kingdom and Mystrio (Uno… Dos… Tres Pilyos) back in 1997 and 1998, respectively. Her movie ‘The Maid’ brought her acting recognition.

Kristine Hermosa

In the height of her career, she was known for being the queen of primetime teleserye. She had been also the face of several endorsements, aside from magazine covers.

Karel Marquez

She was one of the versatile stars who started in the 90s and can still  be considered as one of the beauties in that era- she can sing, act and dance. Her first TV appearance was in 1998, based on the article.


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