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What Inspires English-Speaking Scarlet Snow Belo To Speak In Tagalog?

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Scarlet Snow Belo, who is an English-speaking child, is now inspired to speak in Tagalog because of this reason.

Everyone who follows celebrity baby Scarlet Snow Belo on her Instagram account can easily tell that she is an English-speaking child.

On the other hand, one of her latest video on IG showed that she speaks in Tagalog.

Scarlet Snow Belo
(@scarletsnowbelo IG)

The said post was even captioned with the reason that inspires her to speak the Filipino language which she does not usually do.

Scarlet Snow said on her caption, “There’s one thing that inspires me to speak in Tagalog: my @redribbonbakeshop chocolate roll cake.❤ I want to learn more Tagalog words so can you Peoples also teach me?”

In the video, the celebrity baby was asking her nanny to give her cake but she was told to ask permission first from her daddy.

“Yaya, I already paalam kay daddy,” the cute baby replied to her nanny. She even stammered as she said the word ‘paalam’.

Scarlet Snow Belo
(screen shot from @scarletsnowbelo IG)

Then she was asked what the answer from her daddy Hayden Kho was, she abruptly said yes as she nods her head.

After that, as the said cake was taken out of the refrigerator, Scarlet Snow can’t hide her excitement to eat.

She was told to have just ‘konti’ but the cute baby said “I don’t want konti”.

As of the writing, the said video of the celebrity baby showing her speaking in Tagalog has already reached more than half a million of views and it has received more than a thousand comments.

Comments from her IG followers expressed how she looks so adorable in trying to speak in Tagalog.

Here are some comments from netizens.

(screen shot from @scarletsnowbelo IG)




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