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ABS-CBN Is Tired Of Waiting For John Lloyd Cruz?

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After several months since John Lloyd Cruz left his showbiz engagements, it was said that ABS-CBN is already tired of waiting for him.

John Lloyd Cruz is one of the priced talents of ABS-CBN and his absence in the sitcom ‘Home Sweetie Home’ has a major effect to the show and to the network.

When he took his “indefinite leave” his fans were shocked and saddened but they hoped he will come back soon.

However, until now, there is no sign of John Lloyd in any show in the Kapamilya network.

ABS-CBN is tired of waiting for John Lloyd Cruz
(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

With regards to this, Bandera entertainment columnist Ronnie Carrasco III penned his opinion.

According to Carrasco, the waiting being done by ABS-CBN is likened to the cliche “we can only do so much” but instead, for the network, it is “we can only wait so much.”

It is because until now, there is no certainty if Lloydie will really return and fulfill his showbiz engagements in his home network.

The columnist also added that due to love, the A-list actor left his show without any hesitation and it also left the production staff of the Kapamilya sitcom wondering if he will come back or not.

Carrasco also said that because JLC is a big star, the management of ABS-CBN can’t fire him that easily unlike to those who haven’t proven anything yet in showbiz.

In addition, it was said in his article that Lloydie is bound inside a special rule which does not apply to newbies and talents who are not as good and as bankable as him.

On the other hand, the one who has the last say in this matter is the network itself.

For the columnist, the entity that is the source of your income should not wait for you but it is the other way around.

Furthermore, he likened the situation to a job seeker who is applying in human resources department.

Talent is not only the basis that someone will get hired, work attitude is also important, according to an entertainment article.


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