MUST-SEE: Alice Dixson’s Fan Reveals Real Attitude Of The Actress

Alice Dixson’s Lucky Fan Meets the Actress In Person

ALICE DIXSON – One “lucky fan” of Filipino-American actress Alice Dixson had the opportunity to meet her in person.

Actress Alice Dixson is undeniably one of the beautiful actresses in the Philippine show business. She is not only blessed with a beautiful face but as well as a good character.

Netizen ‘Krizzelle Kate Sitjar’ could attest that the actress is really nice. The said netizen is a “lucky fan” who had the opportunity to meet the actress in person.

Alice Dixson
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Based on a recent social media post of Krizzelle, Alice Dixson and the dog “Blondie” were her “date” during the Valentine’s Day in a beach.

According to the netizen, it all started out on Instagram when she commented on the post of the actress and Alice sent a direct message to her the following day. She described herself as a “lucky fan” for it.

Krizzelle stated in her Facebook post that they had an on-the-spot swimming as the Frisbee toy of the dog went on the waters and it did not float.

According to the netizen, after that, Alice Dixson whom she calls as ‘Miss A’ in her post, asked her if she wanted to come with her as she wants to learn kite surfing. Krizzelle went with the actress and she was surprised that Alice owns an automatic single motorcycle.

They rode the motorcycle together with Blondie and has so much fun while they were on their way. The actress was the one who the vehicle on their way to their destination.

Based on the post of the netizen, Alice Dixson is “so nice” and she greets everyone she comes across with. She described the actress as really kind.

The social media post of Krizzelle Kate Sitjar caught the attention of netizens on Facebook. In their comments to the post, many of them expressed their happiness for the netizen over her encounter with Alice Dixson and many also expressed their hope to experience the same with the people they look up to.

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