WATCH: Shaniah Rollo Wows Ireland’s Got Talent’s Judges With Her Amazing Rendition Of ‘True Colors’

Shaniah Rollo Performs on Ireland’s Got Talent 2018

SHANIAH ROLLO – 13-year-old Filipina performer Shaniah Rollo impressed the judges of Ireland’s Got Talent 2018.

There are lots of talented Filipinos around the world who are really a pride of the Philippines. Among them is the 13-year-old performer in Ireland’s Got Talent 2018 Shaniah Rollo.

Shaniah sang ‘True Colors’ of Cyndi Lauper and her rendition of the touching song is amazing. Her performance wowed the judges of Ireland’s Got Talent 2018.

Shaniah Rollo Ireland's Got Talent 2018
YouTube: Filipino Times

Based on a recent report in ABS-CBN News, Shaniah Rollo came from Dublin and she joined in the talent search show for her family.

The 13-year-old Pinay performer wanted to bring her sisters and brothers to Ireland so they can be complete as a family that is why she joined the Got Talent 2018. They are from the Philippines.

“I really miss them so much,” she said.

Shaniah Rollo did not fail to impress the judges of the talent search show by her song performance. She even got a standing ovation from the four judges according to the report.

Judge Van Outen commended Shaina’s performance for her “performance voice” and for singing from her heart. Louis Walsh described her singing as “effortless”. The judge stressed that she is in the perfect pitch at a very young age.

“For your age, you have such amazing control of your vocals,” Michelle Visage said based on the report.

Recently, a video of the song performance of Shaniah Rollo in the prestigious talent search show was posted on YouTube by Filipino Time.

Lots of netizens could not resist from expressing their praises to Shaniah’s talent and performance through comments.

“Her voice is not common, very unique that just exist this time for more than 2000 years,She’s like a star with voice of magnificent sparkles.I believe that music removes barrier of all races.”

“Tears stream from my face while listening to your angelic vioce.. I’m proud of you”

“The clarity of her voice just wow….”

“Wow i loved that she was Amazing!!!”

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