Bangs Garcia Tagged As “Social Climber” For Her British Accent

Several netizens bashed actress Bangs Garcia for her British accent

Filipina actress Bangs Garcia got married to Filipino-British property developer Lloydi Birchmore last 2016.

Currently, the couple is living in England with their adorable daughter named Amelia.

Although she is not that active in show business now unlike when she was still single, her fans are definitely happy for her.

Bangs Garcia
(Photo source: @valeriebangsgarcia IG)

On the other hand, there are people who said that Bangs has already changed and this change brings an annoying feeling to some.

Based on the article published in Bandera that entertainment columnist Alex Brosas wrote, it was said that netizens bashed the actress for her British accent.

“Natawa ako sa accent niya. Trying hard!!!!”

There was also one netizen who called her “social climber”.

“Lakas maka social climber.”

A comment also said that Bangs Garcia is “feeling Duchess of England”.

“Feeling Duchess of England daw. Kalurks ang drama ng babaeng to.”

Some also attacked the actress due to the “geotags” that she always uses on her posts on Instagram.

“Hindi ko magets yang lagi niyang pag tag ng location niyang England. HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Bangs always put “England” as the location where her photos and videos were taken. A netizen said that she just wanted everyone to know that she is now in UK.

“Kasi hindi siya London based. Hindi din kilala ang place kung saan siya nakatira kaya England na lang para alam ng lahat na nasa UK siya. Harharhar.”

With these negative comments that netizens threw against Bangs Garcia, Brosas wrote his opinion.

According to the article of the entertainment columnist, there is nothing wrong if the actress now has a British accent.

He added that those bashers of the actress are just envious of her life now because she got married to a wealthy and handsome Filipino-British man.

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