“Paranormal Activity” Caught On Video Awakened Netizens’ Curiosity

A “paranormal activity” was caught on video that awakened the curiosity of many netizens and it also received thousands of comments.

Social media sites are venue where anyone can post anything, from simple stories to extraordinary things such as paranormal activity.

There have been several videos of unusual events that went viral on different social media platforms.

One example of this is what was posted on the Facebook Page of ‘Viral Photos’ with the title “PARANORMAL REAL CREEPY FOOTAGE!”

Paranormal Activity
(screen shot from Viral Photos Facebook Page)

In addition to the title was a warning to all curious viewers of the said video. It said, “Note: Better to turn on the lights while sleeping”.

As of the writing, the viral video already has 9.3 million views. 190 thousand netizens reacted to it and it has been shared for 142 thousand times.

It can be seen in the video that a man was sleeping peacefully. After a few minutes, it can be noticed that he was breathing frantically.

(screen shot from Viral Photos Facebook Page)

Then, his head started to move sideways. With his eyes still closed, the man in the video who was lying down suddenly sat.

There was even an extra in the “paranormal activity” video, a cat.

The creepy background music of the video added to the curiosity and gave chill to the one watching it.

(screen shot from Viral Photos Facebook Page)

After a minute of sitting on the bed, the music changed and the man started to move.

The music was the famous nursery rhyme ‘Baby Shark’ and the man danced with it.

The man in the “paranormal activity” video just went back to sleep after a few “Baby Shark” action.

(screen shot from Viral Photos Facebook Page)

With this, 24 thousand comments were written for the video.

Several netizens anticipated the creepy moment that might revealed to them. There were also netizens who read the comments first before watching the video.

On the other hand, there were those who already knew that it was just a prank.


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