Bea Alonzo Allegedly Used “Breakup” With Gerald Anderson For ‘Kasal’ Promotion

Bea Alonzo allegedly used her “technically single” statement or her breakup with Gerald Anderson for the promotion of her movie ‘Kasal’.

Bea Alonzo’s previous statement that she is “technically single” implied her breakup with boyfriend Gerald Anderson.

That issue is one of the most-talked about topics these past few days within the showbiz circles.

Reporters have been wanting to dig down into the issue since both Bea and Gerald did not clear out other aspects of their split up.

Bea Alonzo
(Photo source: @beaalonzo IG)

Based on a previous article, Bea had been trying not to talk about the said issue during the press conference of her latest movie ‘Kasal’.

On the other hand, a source close to the actress said that she challenge Gerald to be man enough.

In the midst of their breakup, one question arises. Is Bea using her split up with Gerald for the promotion of her new movie with Derek Ramsay and Paulo Avelino?

This is the same question posted in an article recently published in Pilipino Star Ngayon which entertainment columnist Veronico Samio penned.

Gerald Anderson
(Photo source: @bearald_rock IG)

According to Samio, it would be unfair to Gerald Anderson if the said breakup that Bea Alonzo revealed is not true and it was just for gimmick.

This speculation against the actress started to arise when she was asked if she and Gerald had already fixed the issue between them or if they are totally separated now.

Samio added that if this is really the reality, then it would be unfair to the actor who hasn’t said a single word about it.

Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo
(Photo source: @_jess_forever21 IG)

It was also said in the article that it would be unfair to talk show Boy Abunda who interviewed her when she opened up about it.

Most importantly, it would be unfair to the public who watched her interview in “Tonight With Boy Abunda” and believed what she said, based on the source.

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