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Billy, Coleen’s Outfits In Ethiopian Photoshoot, Compared By Netizens To Items With Same Print

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Netizens associated to other items with the same prints the outfits of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia during their Ethiopian photoshoot.

The recent photoshoot of Kapamilya stars Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia created havoc among social media users.

It was said that the couple had a prenuptial shoot in Ethiopia and they were criticized for using the native citizens of that country as a background in one of their photos.

Due to that, many said that it showed the insensitivity of the Kapamilya stars and they disrespected the people of the said country.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

On the other hand, there were netizens who instead of criticizing the couple, they chose to make a laugh out of the photo of Billy and Coleen.

There were several photos of BiCol, the nickname of their tandem, which were shared on the site of Fashion Pulis comparing the clothes worn by the couple during their photo shoot to the other items that had the same print.

Netizen ‘Janelle Payumo’ shared a photo of a shoulder bag with floral prints which looks the same as what Billy wore in Ethiopia.

(courtesy of Janelle Payumo via Fashion Pulis)

Another photo was posted by a reader of FP which showed that the outfit of the ‘It’s Showtime’ host is similar to the print of a throw pillow case.

(from Fashion Pulis reader)

Aside from that the outfit of the TV host/singer also has a similar floral pattern from the what a netizen had as sofa cover.

(from Fashion Pulis reader)

There was also a netizen who pointed out the similarity of Coleen’s outfit to the print of tiles.

(from Fashion Pulis reader)

The photo of the couple which Billy had a wavy print on his outfit, a netizen shared that same print of fabric used as a bed cover.

These photos gathered various reactions from netizens. Some just laugh about it while there are those who took it seriously.

Here are some comments from netizens.

(screen shot from FP)
(screen shot from FP)


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