Who Is Behind The Cancellation Of Kris Aquino’s Live ‘TWBA’ Interview?

Allegedly, there was a person or people who hindered the live interview of Boy Abunda with Kris Aquino in ‘TWBA’ to happen.

Kris Aquino was supposed to promote her comeback movie ‘I Love You, Hater’ in ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda’ through a live interview.

On the other hand, that did not happen as the show refused the live guesting of the Queen of all Media.

Based on a previous article, one reason that was pointed out was the fact that ‘TWBA’ has already taped their episodes.

Interview cancellation- Kris Aquino Boy Abunda
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In an article published in Bandera which entertainment columnist Ronnie Carrasco III penned, it was mentioned that it is possible that there could be someone behind the cancellation of Kris’ live interview.

According to Carrasco Kris whined after the showing of her movie with Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

And one of the points that the social media queen stressed out was the cancellation of her live interview with former co-host Boy Abunda.

For some reasons, there was a person or people who hindered the said interview to happen.

Based on the article of Carrasco, Kris was not allowed to share the frame again with Boy Abunda who has been her co-host in ‘The Buzz’ for several years.

The entertainment columnist also shared a good point in doing live TV interviews.

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During the live interview, the host and the staff of the show do not have the full control on whatever the guest will say.

There are guests who could say anything that will fall to libel and worse the show may be cancelled.

Perhaps this could be the reason of the late night talk show in hindering Kris’ request for a live interview, according to Carrasco.

He added in his article that the social media queen should understand that it is the show’s prerogative to grant or deny her request.

Another point that the columnist shared was Kris did not play the major role in ‘ILYH’, it is the love team JoshLia.


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