Friday, March 24, 2023
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Ella Cruz Becomes Emotional During Interview with Boy Abunda

Ella Cruz Turn Emotional Sharing Thoughts In an Interview with Boy Abunda Maid in Malacañang star Ella Cruz becomes emotional while sharing her thoughts during...

Gab Valenciano Reacts to Critics Saying “Sayang lang effort” on Campaign

Gab Valenciano Reacts to Critics Claiming He Wasted His Effort During Campaign GAB VALENCIANO - The son of Mr Pure Energy Gary Valenciano expresses his...

Mo Twister Throw Chides vs BBM for Not Attending Presidential Debates

Mo Twister Posts "Patutsada" Against Marcos Jr Over Absence at Presidential Debates Disc Jockey (DJ) Mo Twister took Twitter to post "patutsada" against presidential candidate...

Who Is Behind The Cancellation Of Kris Aquino’s Live ‘TWBA’ Interview?

Allegedly, there was a person or people who hindered the live interview of Boy Abunda with Kris Aquino in 'TWBA' to happen. Kris Aquino was...