LOOK: Ellen Adarna & John Lloyd Cruz’s Alleged Wedding Photo

This is the alleged wedding photo of John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna that circulated on social media.

The alleged wedding photo of controversial couple Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz circulated online.

It can be recalled that early this year, they were rumors already about their wedding.

Since that time they took hiatus from show business, the couple who never admitted directly their relationship, became controversial.

Following that, various rumors about them started to circulate on showbiz news sites.

One of the rumors about them is that they already tied the knot.

The speculations about their wedding even fired up when Ellen flashed a diamond ring in one of her Instagram videos.

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Behind all the speculations and allegations about their relationship, the controversial couple remained tight-lipped.

The only thing that is confirmed right now is that Ellen gave birth to a baby boy. They are now parents.

As the couple chose to cling to their privacy instead of revealing to the public the details of their personal lives, there are still those who can’t leave them completely.

Based on the article published in Pilipino Star Ngayon, there is an alleged wedding photo of Ellen and John Lloyd that circulated on social media last Sunday.

Wedding Photo of John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna allegedly
(Photo source: Pilipino Star Ngayon)

In the said photo, apparently, the couple was standing in front of a church’s altar. Ellen was wearing a wedding dress complete with her red bouquet while John Lloyd was in a black suit.

If a person who will see it is gullible, he or she may think that the alleged wedding photo is true.

On the other hand, in this era, it is easy to do anything with computer. It is easy to edit photos and put someone’s face to the body of another person.

Based on the article, as Ellen and John Lloyd has “pa-suspense effect” about their relationship, it attracts the interests of “tsismosas” even more.

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