Gretchen Barretto To Basher Who Called Her “Kirida”: “You die in envy, RIP”

Gretchen Barretto fired back to a basher who stressed out that she is “kirida” as she said “you die in envy, rest in peace”.

A basher of Gretchen Barretto called her “kirida” as a reply to her Instagram story.

In the said IG story, La Greta took a screenshot photo of the basher’s private account.

The reply was “Kirida the dakilang kabit… Greta, kirida, kabit sounds like a tongue twister.” 

Gretchen Barretto
(Photo source: Bandera)

It is known to many that Gretchen and her life partner Tonyboy Cojuangco is not yet married because the latter is still married to his former wife.

Nevertheless, for more than 20 years of being together, the socialite and the business tycoon are blessed with a daughter named Dominique.

This comment from the basher did not pass the attention of Greta.

In the caption, the former actress fired back to the basher with all her fierceness.

She pointed out that the basher still follows her on Instagram. According to Greta, she is who she is and she definitely loves being herself.

Then, Gretchen showed that she will reign above the mean comments being thrown to her.

Here is her fiery reply to the basher who called her “kirida”:

“Old news. Yes, I am all that you say I am & you follow me on Instagram. I Rock, rule & REIGN. I am who [I] am & I so Loooove it & you Die in ENVY. Burn, burn, burn. I am the kabit who will live Happily ever after & YOU WILL BE THE ENVIOUS WHO WILL DIE EACH TIME YOU SEE ME SOAR HIGH. Rest In Peace envious biatch. I shall soar high while you die.” 

kirida comment of basher to Gretchen Barretto
(screenshot from @gretchenbarretto IG)

With that, several of her IG followers showed support to her.

There are those who criticized the basher for throwing Gretchen Barretto such mean comments while there are those who told her not to pay attention to her critics.

Some netizens pointed out her good qualities that served as an inspiration to others.

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