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Ethel Booba’s Funny “Patutsada” About Politics On Twitter

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Ethel Booba has a funny way of making “patutsada” about politics in the country on her Twitter account

Sexy comedienne Ethel Booba is definitely reigning the world of Twitter with her funny and witty posts.

Ethel does not only posts jokes but she also shares her political insights.

On the other hand, her opinion about the present political situation in the Philippines has natural humor that comes along with it.

Ethel Booba
(Photo source: GMA)

Here are some funny but witty thoughts of Ethel regarding politics, based on the article published in Interaksyon.

Since there are a lot of netizens who noticed her political views, some urged her to run for the next election. tweets of the sexy comedienne bring humor to many netizens, but these also reflects the reality in the society nowadays.

According to poet Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta, the tweets of Ethel regarding politics can be considered as good political satire.

It is for the reason that these neither criticize or patronize a specific political entity.

Furthermore, Ethel presents ideas that are not pretentious but yet these give entertainment to others.

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The world of politics is a serious one and through comedy, people are coping with the stressful situation.

It seems that Ethel is good at this kind of art.

Based on the report, the specific terms that stand for a lighter approach in the heavy topic of politics are political satire, political comedy and political humor.


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