Gideon Peña’s Meaningful Post Receives Heart-Melting Comment From Kris Aquino

This is the heart-melting comment of Kris Aquino to the meaningful post of Gideon Peña on Instagram.

Atty. Gideon Peña became and instant celebrity after Queen of all Media Kris Aquino had an “unscripted interview” with him.

That sparked speculations that a romantic relationship might bloom between them.

However, Kris has already cleared out that the lawyer from Bicol is not romantically attracted to her.

Gideon Pena and Kris Aquino
(Photo source: PEP)

She also reiterated that there is nothing going on between them but just friendship.

On the other hand, their Instagram followers are expressive about their hopes regarding the could-be romance between them.

Just recently, Atty. Gideon posted a meaningful line on his IG account which received a heart-melting comment from Kris.

“Even if we can’t find HEAVEN I’ll walk through HELL with you,” the lawyer wrote.

With this, the comment of the social media queen captured the hearts of many netizens.

She said, “THANK YOU. Because of your genuine friendship I am a better version of me.”

(screenshot from @themightwarrior IG)

As of the writing, the said comment from Kris received more than 400 likes.

Several netizens also expressed what they felt about the post of Atty Gideon and the comment of Kris about it.

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Some netizens said that they can’t help but to feel “kilig” for the both of them while others said that they are hoping that their friendship will go to the next level.

There are some netizens who are pushing the social media influencer to open her heart to “The Mighty Warrior”.

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With the replies of several netizens to the comment of Kris on Gideon’s post, it seems that the two new friends have already created their new fandom.

Here are some comments from netizens.

(screenshot from @themightwarrior IG)
(screenshot from @themightwarrior IG)
(screenshot from @themightwarrior IG)
(screenshot from @themightwarrior IG)


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