LOOK: Alice Dixson Takes Flying Lessons, Dreams To Be A Pilot

Alice Dixson shared on her Instagram account that she took flying lessons as she dreams to becme a pilot.

Veteran actress Alice Dixson is indeed living an active lifestyle as she recently took flying lessons.

She apparently dreams to become a pilot as she shared videos on her Instagram account her first flying lessons.

Based on the article published in Star Cinema’s website, the 48-year old actress openly embraced new things in her life.

Alice Dixson
(Photo sourceL @alicedixson IG)

With her always on-the-go lifestyle, she surely has a blast in her flying lessons.

On her Instagram post, it can be seen that Alice Dixson was so excited to have her new adventure.

(Photo sourceL @alicedixson IG)

She captioned one of her posts with this:

“In a land far far away… That look of wonderment and awe of doing something amazing for the first time!”


Based on the article, the Kapamilya actress was able to put the plane in motion. Aside from that, she also had her first ever take off with the guidance of her captain teachers.


After learning how to take off, Alice was also taught how to land the plane.

“The captains’ ?‍✈️?‍✈️ made me change to the co-pilot seat so I could land the plane.
And this my 1st approach to runway…,” she shared.


She then shared her first landing experience. According to the Kapamilya actress, her first landing attempt was bumpy.

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After her first flying lessons, Alice thanked all her instructors.

“Today the world… tomorrow the universe lol, I’m coming,” she said with jest.


The popularity of Alice in show business started when she was featured in a bath soap commercial. She was known for her famous line “I can feel it!”.

She later on became one of the most sought-after leading ladies in movies and in TV shows.

Until now, she is one of the most beautiful faces in the industry.

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