Thursday, March 30, 2023

Gretchen Answers Netizen Who Questions Why Dominique Doesn’t Speak Tagalog

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Gretchen Barretto aswered the question from a netizen asking why her daughter Dominique Cojuangco is not fluent in speaking Tagalog.

Former actress and socialite Gretchen Barretto often features her daughter Dominique Cojuangco on her Instagram posts.

A netizen noticed something about the young lady which prompt her to ask a question to La Greta.

Instagram user @dazmarlene, reportedly, asked this to the socialite: “Di ba she’s born in Pinas bakit di sya marunong mag Tagalog. Buti pala ang anak ko she’s born in (England) pero she’s good in Tagalog.”

Dominique Cojuangco and Gretchen Barretto
(Photo source: Bandera)

Based on the article published in Bandera which entertainment columnist Alex Brosas wrote, Gretchen answered this inquiry about Dominique.

La Greta said to the netizen: “Dominique went to the BRITISH SCHOOL FROM AGE 4. That explains.” 

It can be noticed that the former actress stressed out the phrase “British School from age 4”.

Just recently, Gretchen shared a video in which her daughter was reading a comment in Tagalog.

The accent of the young Cojuangco as she reads the comment entertained several IG followers of her mother.

On the other hand, the specific comment from IG user @dazmarlene received criticism from other netizens.

Based on the article, one netizen pointed out that there is no issue on how Dominique speaks in Tagalog.

“Pati ba naman pagtatagalog ng anak ni miss @gretchenbarretto issue pa din? Doesn’t matter if yung mga anak nyo lumaki kung saan man at marunong magtagalog importante is mahal nila ang Pilipinas at willing to learn our language, just my piece.”

Another one explained that maybe the reason why the young lady is not that fluent in Tagalog because her family is not having conversations in that language at home.

“Maybe, they didn’t introduce the language @ home. that’s why Dominique will never learn Tagalog! Kung di mo kausapin ng Tagalog ang bata there’s no way she will be able to talk / and learn.”

Behind the comment from @dazmarlene, there were several netizens who find Gretchen’s daughter adorable as she was reading the Tagalog comment.


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