Gretchen Answers Netizen Who Questions Why Dominique Doesn’t Speak Tagalog

Gretchen Barretto aswered the question from a netizen asking why her daughter Dominique Cojuangco is not fluent in speaking Tagalog. Former actress and socialite Gretchen Barretto often features her daughter Dominique Cojuangco on her Instagram posts. A netizen noticed something about the young lady which prompt her to ask a question to La Greta. Instagram … Read more

Tagalog, Batangeño Word Comparison Video Goes Viral

Tagalog, Batangeño Word Comparison Video

Tagalog, Batangeño Word Comparison Video

Tagalog, Batangeño Word Comparison Video – The Philippines has a lot of dialects because of regional differences, which is affected probably since the country is an archipelago.

There are some major dialects in the Philippines that are being used by Filipinos in certain regions. These include Bikol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo), Ilocano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, Tagalog, and Waray.

But, listening to other dialects apart from the main Filipino language (Tagalog), might entertain or even make someone laugh with the differences.

Tagalog, Batangeño Word Comparison Video

In the southern part of Luzon, there is a province called Batangas, known as the “balisong capital of the Philippines” (balisong is butterfly knife in English).

Not only the “balisong” and its people are known in Batangas, but also the way natives are speaking their dialect, the “Batangas Tagalog” or Batangeño.

A video went viral on social media wherein a user posted featuring a comparison between Tagalog and Batangeño words. The video seemed hilarious and entertaining at times.

Here are some of the terms and phrases used in the video.



“Pahawak nga.”“Patangan naman nari.”
“Wala akong pera ngayon.”“Anla naman…Ako’y bahite ngay-on.”
“Papunta na.”“Paparyan na-ga.”
“Kaka-hilo.”“Kaka-liyo eh.”
“Buksan mo.”“Bukse nga are.”
“Kumain na kayo.”“Parine na kayo’t ng makalamon na.”
“Hindi ka na nakakatuwa.”“Kala mo naman lagi eh nakikipagbiruan pa eh! Kakasura na!
“Ang dumi ng damit mo.”“Ano ba iyan? Pagkaka-tubal ba ng damit mo.”
“Bili na po.”“Ano gang hanap mo? Tingin na ikaw dine.”
“Ano ba yan. Ang traffic naman.”“Kupo! Ang traffic na are ah! Siyang-siya na!


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