Gretchen Barretto Allegedly Spotted In “Sabungan” w/ Atong Ang

How true is it that Gretchen Barretto was spotted with Atong Ang in a “sabungan”?

Former actress Gretchen Barretto allegedly was spotted with businessman Atong Ang in a “sabungan” in a five-star hotel.

There had been rumors circulating in the past linking Gretchen to Atong. Based on a report, the businessman has been tagged as the travel buddy of Greta because they were seen together for several times travelling abroad.

In line with this, people who have seen them together somehow made speculations about the real score between them. On the other hand, Greta is quite showy and vocal about her happy relationship with her longtime partner business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco.

gretchen barretto
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Last year, the rumors linking Gretchen and Atong became louder when they were spotted together in Dangwa. Based on a previous report, some people are putting malice to their closeness.

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On episode 18 of digital talk show Take It… Per Minute! (Me Ganun) of Lolit Solis and Manay Cristy Fermin with Mr. Fu, new rumors came out involving Gretchen Barretto and Atong Ang.

Based on the report from Pilipino Star Ngayon, the two close friends were spotted at a derby event in a five-star hotel. It was also said that wealthy people who attended the event even clapped when they saw Greta.

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Allegedly, the former actress came with her Yayas and the man being linked to her romantically, based on the article.

However, Dolor Guevarra, the personal friend of Greta, clarified this issue. She said that they were just eating in the said five-star hotel with other friends.

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