Hayley Atwell Contradicts “Political Unrest” Reason Why Her Trip To PH Was Cancelled

Hayley Atwell wrote the real reason why she can’t come to the Philippines for a ComicCon event contradicting the previous statement that it was due to “political unrest”.

Hayley Atwell, the star of ‘Agent Carter’ shared on her Instagram a letter which she penned for her Filipino fans.

It is her official statement regarding the cancellation of her trip in the Philippines for a ComicCon event.

Hayley Atwell

She shared a photo of a letter which she personally wrote for all her fans here in the country who are expecting to see her sooner.

The actress wrote on her caption, “My statement. My own words.” based on the article published in ABS-CBN.

Here’s what she wrote for her Filipino fans:

“I’m so sorry to be missing the convention in Manila this weekend. I was looking forward to visiting your beautiful country and meeting you all. Unfortunately, the changes to my work schedule have made it impossible for me to travel so far at this time.

“You will hear more about these projects soon and I’m excited to share them when I can. I hope to see you at future conventions soon. Magkaroon ng isang magandang weekend.”

This is contradicting to the previous statement from ComicCon Asia that Hayley Atwell could not come to the Philippines because of “political unrest”.

It was also previously said that the said reason made her “not comfortable making the trip.”

Paulina Sophia Laping, the event producer told the source that the decision of Atwell stating the previous released reason to the public was received through email.

It was sent after two weeks of smooth negotiation between the two parties, based on the article.


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