Sharon Cuneta Explains Why She Didn’t Attend KC Concepcion’s Jewelry Launch

Sharon Cuneta explains why she was absent during the jewelry line launch of her daughter KC Concepcion called Avec Moi.

During the launch of KC Concepcion’s line of jewelry Avec Moi, it is noticeable that her mother Megastar Sharon Cuneta was not there.

This business is what keeping her busy right now and her venture has already taken off a few days ago.

KC Concepcion Sharon Cuneta

Her dad Gabby Concepcion was not able to attend also. On the other hand, her stepdad Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and stepsister Frankie were there to support her.


So, why Sharon was not there during an important day in the life of her eldest daughter?

Based on the article recently published in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub, the Megastar had a dinner with President Rodrigo Duterte the same day of KC’s jewelry launch.


The Megastar said that it would be awkward if she with her husband Kiko and Gabby will meet at the jewelry launch of their daughter.

However, she did not know that KC Concepcion’s father will not be able to be there.

For Sharon, it is still a good thing she did not attend unintentionally because she wants the event to be all about her daughter and her new endeavor.


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