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Isabelle Daza Is Just Making Her Followers Envious Of Her Lavish Lifestyle-Netizen

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Isabelle Daza answered a netizen who said that she is just making her social media followers envious of her lavish lifestyle.

Actress/model Isabelle Daza recently shared on her Instagram account a snippet of the talk she did regarding mental health.

Isabelle Daza
(Photo source: @isabelledaza IG)

She stressed out that mental illness should not be something that people should be ashamed of.

As a social media influencer, she related her experiences on how social media can affect someone’s mental condition, based on the article published in GMA.

The ‘It Girl’ also shared the possible bad effect of social media to a user.  She pointed out that it can generate jealousy, low self-esteem or the question of relevance.

With this, several of her fellow celebrities lauded her for a job well done.

(screen shot from @isabelledaza IG via GMA)

On the other hand, netizen @reggie0625 disagreed that these kinds of words should come from someone like Isabelle Daza.

The said netizen wanted to stress out that Isabelle makes her social media followers feel that they are not going to have the life she is living.

Though he is not blaming the celebrity for being born with a silver spoon but the netizen said she is not the right person to be the voice of mental health.

Instagram user @reggie0625 commented this:

“But you do realize you and your stupid clique are some of the reasons why most girls in the country are full of hate, bitterness and insecurity, right? With what you post on social media about your daily lifestyle, travels here and everywhere, fancy stuff and all that jazz, do you honestly think that inspires your followers? I don’t think so, it makes them realize how much they’re life will never be the same as yours. Not that it’s your fault you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but I just don’t think you are the right person to be the voice of mental health.”

The celebrity replied to the straightforward opinion from the netizen.

Isabelle said that he should watch the full video of her talk, based on the article.

(screen shot from @isabelledaza IG via GMA)


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