James Yap Still Being Teased About Kris Aquino In PBA: “I-shoot mo, para kay Kris!”

James Yap is still being teased in PBA to his ex-wife Kris Aquino as some fans are still shouting “James, i-shoot mo, para kay Kris!” during games.

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player James Yap is expecting his second baby with his partner Michela Cazzola but he is still being teased to his ex-wife Kris Aquino.

There are several PBA fans who kept on teasing him to the Queen of all Media during his basketball games.

Based on the article published in Bandera which entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin wrote, there was one incident that a fan from the crowd shouted “James, i-shoot mo, para kay Kris!”

James Yap
(Photo source: Inquirer)

Even until now, there are still some fans of basketball who kept on teasing him with his past relationship.

On the other hand, Jame is just ignoring these kinds of teasing.

This was not the only teasing that James received from the fans of basketball in the Philippines.

It was also said that during the time when he and Kris just separated, there were those who were shouting at him “James! Balato naman d’yan!”

This was after the former couple divided the properties they were able to acquire together.

Kris Aquino
(Photo source: GMA)

Ever since, James Yap is not minding those mocking comments and he just keeps his concentration to the game.

Meanwhile, the basketball star is excited to have his second baby. He has a high anticipation because it will going to be his first daughter.

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James has two sons already, his eldest with Kris is Bimby while the second one is with Michela who they named MJ.

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Based on the article, Kris will probably receive mocking comments once James will have his daughter because he already have two children with Michela.

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