Foreigner Caught On Video Cursing Traffic Law Enforcers: “F*ck your country! I’m here with my money!”

A foreigner in Cavite was caught on video as he was cursing the traffic law enforcers

Traffic law enforcers in Molino, Bacoor Cavite received bad words from a foreigner who they caught for a traffic law violation.

The said cursing of the foreigner was caught on video and was uploaded on social media by netizen Raevee Nonan.

Nonan showed in the video that apparently there was an accident occurred as a motorcycle was seen lying on the street.

(screen shot from PSN FB Page)

At first, the foreigner tried to leave the enforcers who stopped him but he was not able to went far.

Based on the Facebook Page of Pilipino Star Ngayon, the angry foreigner was shouting frantically to the traffic law enforcers.

“F*ck you all! F*ck your country! I’m in the Philippines, I’m here with my money!” the said traffic law violator kept on shouting.

The said incident caused a traffic congestion in the street of Bacoor.

It can be seen in the video that the enforcers where trying to calm down the foreigner who kept on saying that he has his baby with him in the car.

The said video that was posted on the FB Page of PSN has already reached more than 5 thousand views as of writing.

Traffic Law Enforcers
(screen shot from PSN FB Page)

Netizens who commented on this expressed their rage against the arrogant act of the foreigner.

Several of the netizens commented that Filipinos do not care about his money but he needs to correct his manners.

There were also those who said that the traffic law enforcers are just doing their job and the foreigner needs to understand that.

Some netizens said that the violator should be deported while there was one who said that it is a sad fact that some foreigners see Pinoys as people who are easily persuaded by money.

(Source: PSN)

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