READ: Jessy Mendiola Reveals She Almost Ended Her Life

There was a point in Jessy Mendiola’s life that she almost committed suicide and here is the reason why

‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ actress Jessy Mendiola admitted that there came a time that she almost committed suicide.

She is one of several celebrities who came to a point in their lives that they really felt so low. That depression almost caused her life.

Fortunately, the Kapamilya actress was able to surpass that dreadful phase in her life.

Jessy Mendiola
(Photo source: @senorita_jessy IG)

Based on the article published in Bandera, Jessy thought of taking her own life during the time when she can no longer take all the bashings.

“Nu’ng panahon na halos pagpikit ko, puro salita ng bashers ang nakikita ko pumasok na rin sa isip ko na magpakamatay,” she shared.

She was wondering why people had to throw mean comments to her even though they don’t know her personally.

The actress said that she received bashing from people who do not even know the real story about her.

On the other hand, apparently, the girlfriend of Luis Manzano battled against the depression she felt that time.

Now, she is one of the people who are appealing to others to be more kind towards their fellow men.

Based on the article, Jessy received a harsh comment that said, “Hindi yun isa sa dahilan…yun talaga ang dahilan. Joke. Congrats! Ingatan mo si Luis. Without him, you are nothing.”

The Kapamilya actress answered the bashing with gracefulness. She pointed out that since cases of depression and suicide are so rampant, one should think before commenting.

“Think before you speak,” the actress replied.

For Jessy Mendiola, the word ‘nothing’ being associated to a person is such a harsh word.

The actress calmly stressed out, based on the article, “‘You are nothing’ are such strong words. No one deserves those words.”

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