LOOK: Gretchen Barretto Posts Nasty Comments She Received From Bashers

Gretchen Barretto posted on her Instagram account the nasty comments she received from her bashers following the controversial laughing video.

Socialite Gretchen Barretto posted several nasty comments she received from netizens who are criticizing her charity work on social media.

It can be recalled that La Greta initiated her charity endeavor on Instagram last April of this year.

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Nasty comments that Gretchen Barretto received
(Photo source: @marianeperez IG)

Many admired her for reaching out to the less fortunate citizens in the Philippines as she, along with friends Mimi Que and Patty Pineda, granted wishes.

On the other hand, there are those who said that she is just being pretentious and show off, especially that she showed the people they helped on her Instagram account.

The criticisms against Gretchen’s charity work even magnified when she shared a video showing that they are laughing about the requests from a netizen.

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That controversial laughing video had already been deleted and the socialite had already apologized.

With her apology, the netizen who was the subject of their laughter reacted about it.

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In the midst of theis issue, La Greta shared the words of encouragement she received from those people who are supporting her.

However, she also promised to her Instagram followers that she will be posting the nasty comments she received from her bashers.


One nasty comment she received was from Instagram user @kendacico who said that she is “plastic” or pretentious.


Another netizen in the person of Instagram user @migsphoenix criticized the socialite’s act of answering bashers.


Along with the nasty comments towards her, Gretchen Barretto also expressed her side.

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