Kris Aquino’s Classy Reply To Basher Who Said “Extra ka lang!”

Kris Aquino has a classy answer to a basher who said that she is “extra lang” in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

Tetay is just “extra” in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie?

Social media queen Kris Aquino had a chance to be included in Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

When this news came to the knowledge of Filipinos, many got excited with the fact that a celebrity from the Philippines will be a part of an international movie based on the book of Kevin Kwan.

Extra lang - Kris Aquino's classy reply to a basher
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People started to wonder what role will Kris portray in the movie. Now that it is about to be released in cinemas, some commented with criticism to the Queen of all Media.

Just like a netizen who stressed out that Kris was “extra lang” in the movie, based on the article published in Bandera.

Kris told her Instagram followers that she got an invitation for the red-carpet premiere of the movie in California this coming August.

One netizen bashed her and said “Sus 5 second exposure! Dadaan lang camera sa kanya. Extra! Extra!”

The ‘I Love You, Hater’ actress did not let this pass but she has a classy answer to this.

She first thank her basher but she saw the need to speak her “truth”.

Kris elaborated that she had to wait for the go signal from Warner Bros. before she can say anything about the movie.

The social media influencer also said that she has a big heart for all the Filipinos trying to find luck in other parts of the world because of all people she was the one who was chosen for the role.

According to Kris, it is because she carried the identity of the Filipinos.

For her, Pinoys should thank Kevin Kwan for fighting for this race.

Furthermore, she iterated that she never claimed that her part in the movie is a major one. On the other hand, she stressed out that it was meaningful.

“For all those times we felt judged or looked down upon- this time in Crazy Rich Asians- tayo ang tiningala. #waitlang,” Tetay said.

Here’s Kris’ full reply to the basher, based on the article.

“Thank you. It is sooooooo difficult to not speak my TRUTH. Because when people actually watch the movie they’ll know what I mean. I was given strict instructions to not say a word until the go signal from @wbpictures office gives me the Philippine trailer to upload. Ito lang po ang pwede kong sabihin- IKINATABA ng puso ko na sobrang nagmamahal sa lahat ng Pilipino na nakikipagsapalaran sa lahat ng sulok ng mundo sa maliit o malaki mang posisyon, na ako yung napili for this role. Kasi nga binitbit ko yung ‘identity’ natin. And we owe @kevinkwanbooks a big THANK YOU. He fought for us. I never claimed the role had long exposure BUT it is very MEANINGFUL. And we can be proud! For all those times we felt judged or looked down upon- this time in Crazy Rich Asians- tayo ang tiningala. #waitlang”


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