Vhong Hasn’t Completely Moved On From Controversy With Deniece Cornejo

Vhong Navarro has not completely moved on from the controversy with Deniece Cornejo, according to Direk Chito Roño.

‘It’s Showtime’ host Vhong Navarro went through a drastic controversy with model Deniece Cornejo back in 2014.

It can be recalled that the Kapamilya comedian appeared before the media with his swollen face.

Reportedly, Deniece’s friends mauled him in a condominium.

Vhong Navarro
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Based on the article published in PEP, the camp of the model filed a rape case against the Kapamilya host.

Allegedly, he raped Deniece twice in January of 2014. On the other hand, the Department of Justice (DOJ) dismissed the case already last April.

Though his innocence was already proven, the noontime show host still has not completely moved on from the rape allegations against him.

Deniece Cornejo
(Photo source: PEP)

His manager Direk Chito Roño revealed this.

According to the Director, Vhong still feels afraid every time he goes out because he still received threats.

“Alam naman namin yung mga track record, yung mga nang-ano sa kanya, taga-Samar pa nga yung isa na nambugbog sa kanya, na mga goons talaga. So, natakot lang kami,” Roño related.

He added that they still have pending cases against those who mauled the comedian including businessman Cedric Lee.

Nevertheless, they are happy that Vhong’s name is finally cleared against the rape allegations.

Chito Rono
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The talent manager also said that they are happy for the justice they received. It is because he did not believe that the host-comedian would ever do that to Deniece or to any women.

“Although, ever since naman, naniniwala akong walang kaso, talagang ginulo lang siya. Kasi kilala ko si Vhong, e, wala naman siyang tendency mangganun, e, na hina-harass siya,” the director said.

Direk Chito also stated that the reason behind the case filed against Vhong was just to draw money from him, based on the article.

Behind what the Kapamilya comedian went through he is glad that his name was cleared, according to his manager.

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