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Kris Aquino Flew Back Home From Indonesia ASAP Due To This Emergency

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Kris Aquino flew back home from Indonesia as soon as possible because of this medical emergency she encountered while shooting for an endorsement.

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino needed to fly back to the Philippines from Indonesia as soon as possible because of her medical emergency.

It was mentioned in a previous that Kris had a shoot for her new endorsement for the largest Indonesian herbal medicine company.

On the other hand, on her recent Instagram post, the social media influencer shared that she needed to come back home.

Kris Aquino
(file photo)

According to her caption, before her medical emergency will create any wrong speculation from people, she wants everybody to know what happened.

“I had an anaphylactic reaction during my outdoor shoot yesterday afternoon that challenged all my environmental allergies in Indonesia,” Kris wrote.

Fortunately, her medical emergency kit was able to help her.

She is thankful that she was able to come home as soon as possible directly from Semarang.

Emergency - Kris Aquino
(Photo source: @krisaquino IG)

On the other hand, she apologized if she can’t elaborate the details regarding what happened but she wants to express her gratitude to all the people who lend their helping hand.

Kris also shared that she needs to rest for 5 days in order to flush out all allergens that attacked her body.

She promised her Instagram followers that she will be back when she’s fully recuperated.

The Queen of all Media also shared a lesson to her followers on social media.

“If you ever doubt about the compassion & kindness of people- please think of me & what i survived because there are many good people in this world- i can give witness to that,” Kris shared.

Because of this, fans of Kris expressed their sympathy to her and wished her to get well soon.



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