Monday, October 3, 2022

Vic Sotto Won’t Be Joining Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) This Year

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No Vic Sotto Film on MMFF

With regards to the new Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) rules on the submission of entry, it now requires producers to submit completed movies earlier which is September and Vic Sotto says that the people behind these decisions had the right intention BUT chose the wrong course of action. He would not be able to submit an entry this year.

No Vic Sotto Film on MMFF

At a press conference for his sitcom on GMA 7, “Hay, Bahay” he said, “If it is final that the deadline is in September, then we should already be shooting now to make it.”

“The situation is quite tricky,” he added. “I do not know if there will be an extension, to be more realistic. It is hard to make a movie … We need at least four, five months.”
Before, entries were selected based on screenplays.

Vic Sotto argues that producers with not enough budget to finish the film at full-length in few months will be affected the new set of rules, and that includes him and this is the reason why he won’t join the said MMFF this year.

“It seemed like the committee was in a hurry to arrive at a decision. I hope that it was discussed better and more thoroughly,” he said in an interview with Inquirer.

“Did they want to make sure that the new rules are already in place before the next administration takes over?” curious Vic Sotto asked.

Vic also expressed his support for colleagues who ran into issues with the MMFF, specifically Dir. Erik Matti, whose last year’s entry “Honor Thy Father” sparked controversy, after it was declared disqualified from competing in best picture category because it had already been screened earlier after the film festival.

“It was the judging, disqualification incident that elicited complaints and issues, and that is what they should be addressing—not the selection procedure,” Vic said.

“But what they did has they overhauled the festival,” he added.

In an interview with he told that instead of amending the selection rules, the new committee should have fixed the process of judging instead because that’s where the problem lies.

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