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ONEMIG BONDOC: What Happened To The Former Actor?

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Here’s the life now Onemig Bondoc after leaving the show business

Former actor Onemig Bondoc is living this kind of life now after he left the Philippine showbiz industry.

Onemig or Juan Miguel Rivera Bondoc in real life became one of the most popular actors during the 90s. He was considered as one of the handsome crushes in that era because of his handsome look.

onemig bondoc
Photo courtesy of Spot

He starred in movies such as horror trilogy Tabi-Tabi Po (2002), Trip (2001), and Jologs (2002). These were aside from several TV series that he did in ABS-CBN but he started first in GMA with youth-oriented shows such as TGIS (Thank God It’s Sabado) and its spin-off Growing Up.

Based on the article from GMA, Onemig Bondoc left the entertainment industry in 2006. It was reported that he got married to actress and model Valerie Barlou in 2009. However, they encountered marital problems. According to the report GMA, the former actor admitted in an interview that he and his wife got separated in October of 2013.

He fought for the sole custody of their two children. They had their first child in 2007, the year that they met. Reportedly, Onemig tried to reconcile with Valerie but things did not work out between them.

onemig bondoc kids
Photo courtesy of MSN

“We cannot meet halfway. For her, it’s her way or the highway. Sa mundo niya, gusto niya siya lang ‘yung pwedeng magkamali. Pero ‘yung mga tao sa paligid niya, dapat hindi magkamali,” the former actor shared.

Now, Onemig Bondoc is living in Mariveles, Bataan, as what is written on his Facebook profile stated. The former actor has also become very fond of cycling, aside from being busy in managing his food franchise business.

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