Paul Salas Allegedly Suffered Physical Abuse From Barbie Imperial

Allegedly, Paul Salas also suffered physical abuse from his rumored girlfriend Barbie Imperial.

The controversy between Paul Salas and Barbie Imperial took the attention of netizens when the latter posted a now-deleted photo of her bruises.

Then, speculations arise that those bruises was due to physical abuse. Paul was the one being pointed on this issue.

In line with this, it was said that the parents of Paul who became close to the actress reacted on this.

Paul Salas Barbie Imperial
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On the other hand, the young actor already refused to air his side regarding this issue.

Based on the article published in Pilipino Star Ngayon, Paul Salas also suffered physical abuse from Barbie Imperial.

Reportedly, some common friends of the rumored couple, who did not admit openly their relationship, revealed a story in which the young actor was the victim.

It was said that during a birthday party, friends of Paul and Barbie witnessed that the latter slapped the former.

According to their story, the rumored couple was talking inside the car and their friends were shocked when they heard the actor’s shout as he was crying.

Paul Salas and Barbie Imperial
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Regarding this issue, Paul Salas’ handler was asked if it is possible to have his reaction about this but it was said that the young actor does not want to say anything.

It is because he does not want anybody to get hurt especially the woman who had been close to him.

He does not want to discuss the slapping issue anymore but based on the article, Barbie always acts that she is the victim and pretends that Paul is hurting her physically.

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It was also said that the young actress is threatening her rumored boyfriend that she will report him to police.

In the midst of this issue, reportedly, PPL and GMA Artist Center, will release a statement about this issue but Paul Salas chose to keep his silence.

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