Kris Aquino Shouldn’t Be Blamed For ‘ILYH’ Low Box Office Gross-Professor

According to a professor, there are several factors that can be blamed for ‘ILYH’ low box office gross and it is not Kris Aquino.

The movie ‘I Love You, Hater’ (ILYH) served as the comeback movie of Queen of all Media featuring the love team JoshLia of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

It was mentioned in a previous article that the movie’s box office gross was lower than what was expected.

Reportedly, there were those who are blaming Kris for the not-so-successful movie turnout.

Kris Aquino
(Photo source: PEP)

On the other hand, there is one professor who said that the social media influencer should not be blamed for this, based on the article published in Bandera.

According to the professor, who is not a fan of Kris, the main feature in the movie was the tandem of Joshua and Julia.

With this, people should not point finger to the one who was just an added attraction, considering that JoshLia’s love team is one of the hottest in this generation.

“Hindi sapat si Kris para pahintuin ang pagkita ng movie. Kung maganda talaga ‘yun, e, dadayuhin sa sinehan ng mga kababayan natin,” the professor said.

It was also said that people who are blaming Kris should understand that when the movie started showing in cinemas that was also the time that storms hit the country.

ILYH movie poster
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Aside from that, another factor that affected the lower than expected box office gross is the heavy traffic, according to the professor.

Though moviegoers were so excited to watch ‘ILYH’ but the heavy rain and the equally heavy traffic hindered them to go out.

The professor also concluded one thing with the result of the movie income, based on the article.

“Saka ibig sabihin lang na hindi pa rin ganu’n kalakas ang panghatak ng JoshLia, hindi nila kinayang isalba ang movie na sinasabi nilang si Kris ang dahilan kung bakit hindi masyadong pumalo sa box-office!” the professor said.

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