Remember Angela Velez Of ‘ASAP Clash Dance’? Here She Is Now

Here is the life now of former sexy actress and dancer Angela Velez after she left the show business more than a decade ago

Angela Velez or Jeanne Ong in real life is a former sexy actress and dancer who was featured in various films such as ‘Masakit, Mainit…Paraisong Parisukat’ in 2002’, ‘Juan & Ted: Wanted’ in 2000 and ‘Abel Villarama: Armado’ in 1999.

She was also known for her dancing stints in ‘ASAP Clash Dance’ and showcased her talent in the dancefloor with some stunts along with Regine Tolentino.

Angela Velez

Due to her remarkable dance moves, she was tagged as the ‘Clash Dance Diva’.

The former actress/dancer was also featured as the calendar girl of White Castle Whiskey for several years.

She left the show business in the Philippines in 2003 when she settled down with her husband businessman Roy Ofek.

(Jeanne Ofek FB account)

Angela concentrated in taking care of her family and they already resided in the US.

Since recession happened during that time, his husband lost his former job and so they decided to put up their own business which is a clothing line.

It may not come to the knowledge of others that the former sexy dancer was the one who were designing and sewing her costumes for her shows.

Her passion and talent in fashion designing played a major role why their clothing line business which was named Miss Behave Girls is a success.

She admitted in an interview that their starting up was not easy. At first she just worked as make-up artist and photographer for their models but the samples from their commissioned designer was not accepted.

(Jeanne Ofek FB account)

In line with that, she pursued her designing, studied the in-and-out of the business and the rest was history.

Their business was based in Los Angeles but they also have a showroom in New York.

After more than a decade when she left the showbiz and her love for dancing, she found a new happiness beside her husband and her two sons.

Based on her Facebook account, Angela Velez is also now a designer for MISS FIT and Penelope Tree.

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