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Direk Manny Castañeda Lashes Critics of Maid In Malacañang

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Direk Manny Castañeda Reacts to Critics of Maid In Malacañang Film

Veteran director Manuel “Manny” Castañeda expresses his reactions against the critics of controversial director Darryl Yap’s film Maid In Malacañang”.

The well-known director gave his thoughts on the movie “Maid in Malacaang” on Facebook. Castaeda wrote in his post that the Marcos family should have the chance to tell their own tale through the aforementioned movie.

Manny Castañeda Critics

The Marcoses’ final three days at the palace before being driven out by the populace are depicted in The Maid in Malacaang. Castaeda claims that the Marcoses will have a fascinating tale to tell about how they handled the angst of the populace at the time.

“Let us admit it. Up to this very day, we know very little of what happened inside Malacanang at the height of the “people power revolution”,” language of the director.

“They say” Maid in Malacanang “focuses on that particular time frame inside the palace, how Pres Marcos handled the situation and the interaction among the members of the family under extreme pressure,” he added.

This is unexpected considering how many people have attacked the aforementioned movie even though it hasn’t yet been released. Castaeda remarked that he finds it amusing how wary and protective anti-Marcos supporters are.

When not much has been shown to us to warrant such negative reactions, Anti-Marcos become defensive. It has even gotten to the point where they have launched extremely direct personal attacks against the project’s actors.

On the other hand, Castaeda stated that he would be more than willing to hear their side of the tale. He added that viewers should give the movie a chance because it’s about time to learn more details and perhaps paint a more complete image of the historical event. Before he concludes his post, it also poses a significant question.

“Nagtataka lang ako kung bakit sobrang galit at parang natatakot ang mga anti Marcos sa project na ito. May dapat ba silang katakutan?” the director asked.

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