Diwata Scene in Batang Quiapo Reaches 2.8 Million Views

The blessings coming to the Pares Queen, Diwata, seem unstoppable as not only his pares dishes are trending, but also his scene in Batang Quiapo, where he sells her pares under the name Frida, quickly reached 2.8 million views and counting.


Diwata started from humble beginnings in Manila, where she took on almost any job, including construction work, and even lived under a bridge where she was once a subject of news after being beaten up by her former friends.

Despite this, it didn’t deter Diwata from working hard and striving until she was able to buy her equipment for her pares business, which became popular and patronized by the masses due to its affordable price.

Almost every vlogger has featured Diwata in their vlogs, and despite her busy schedule, Diwata still accommodates interviews and photo sessions. For her, she doesn’t want to change who she was before—she’ll remain as Diwata up to now.

Many have felt sorry for Diwata during times when she’s caught by authorities, and even vehicles parked at her place of business get towed, seemingly targeted because of her business. Despite this, Diwata continues to fight on, blessed by the Lord.

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