Diwata Asking for Prayers Because Something Might Happen to Him

Treats on Diwata

In a video uploaded on a Facebook page, a serious plea for prayers from Diwata can be seen, as she fears something bad might happen to her allegedly because of powerful individuals she did not name. It’s noticeable that Diwata mentioned being frequently seen by them amidst the multitude of vendors. If you recall, Diwata … Read more

Rosmar Tan Keeps Adding Blessings for Diwata

Rosmar Help For Diwata

In a heartwarming display of generosity and kindness, Rosmar Tan recently captured the attention of netizens as she delivered household items to Diwata’s home. The video documenting this act of goodwill quickly went viral, showcasing Tan’s dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. Among the items brought by Tan and her team … Read more

‘Diploma o Diskarte?’ Diwata’s Best Answer to a Viral Question

Diwata Answer a Viral Question

“Diploma o Diskarte?” This is the viral question that has been circulating on social media, captivating netizens with their diverse perspectives. You might find yourself pondering over this question too. However, what’s truly remarkable is the response of a certain individual, Queen Diwata, whose life story has become widely known and admired. Nearly everyone familiar … Read more

Diwata Arrested for Slight Physical Injuries

Diwata Arrested

Diwata, the renowned street food vendor whose food stall is always bustling with customers, found himself in legal trouble recently. On Thursday, April 18, he was arrested on charges of slight physical injuries. Diwata has been a frequent feature in vlogs, particularly known for his Pares stall, where his eatery is always packed with patrons … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Work at Diwata’s Paresan Now Trending

Alex Diwata

Alex Gonzaga’s recent video showcasing her assistance at Diwata’s Parmesan as a cook and salesperson has gone viral, drawing attention to the trending eatery. A renowned vlogger with millions of views and followers, Alex seized the opportunity to create content alongside the “Pares Queen” herself, Diwata. In the video, viewers witness Alex undergoing orientation directly … Read more

Diwata Scene in Batang Quiapo Reaches 2.8 Million Views

Diwata In Batang Quiapo

The blessings coming to the Pares Queen, Diwata, seem unstoppable as not only his pares dishes are trending, but also his scene in Batang Quiapo, where he sells her pares under the name Frida, quickly reached 2.8 million views and counting. Diwata started from humble beginnings in Manila, where she took on almost any job, … Read more