Diwata Tried to Sell His Iconic Old Slippers to Boss Toyo

The social media world buzzed when popular personality and “pares” (a Filipino beef stew dish) business owner, Diwata, visited Boss Toyo’s “Pinoy Pawnstars” to sell her iconic old slippers and her first large cooking cauldron. This Cauldron, he claimed, was the very first she used to cook her now-famous pares during the height of the pandemic.

Diwata Slippers

Diwata recounted her humble beginnings in 2020 when she started selling pares from a small cart. This cart, unfortunately, was confiscated during a clearing operation, and she was never able to retrieve it. Despite the challenges, she continued her business with a trusty cauldron, which though now worn and with a hole, still held immense sentimental value for her. This pot was more than just a cooking utensil; it symbolized her resilience and journey from hardship to fame.

When Diwata approached Boss Toyo, she expressed her desire to part with the pot due to its significance. She revealed that it played a crucial role in lifting her out of poverty and bringing her the recognition she enjoys today. Boss Toyo, known for his keen eye for valuable items with a story, was intrigued.

However, when it came to the price, the negotiations began. Diwata initially hinted that she would like to sell the pot for the amount she originally bought it for. Boss Toyo’s first offer was ₱1,500, which Diwata felt was too low given its sentimental and historical value. She countered, requesting a higher amount.

In an interesting twist, Diwata decided to throw in her iconic old slippers, known among her followers for their frequent appearances in her social media posts. These slippers had become symbolic of her journey, often seen in her videos where she worked tirelessly in her humble footwear, sometimes with dirty feet, as she built her business from scratch.

Diwata proposed a package deal of ₱3,500 for both the pot and the slippers. After some back-and-forth, Boss Toyo made a final offer of ₱2,500. The two eventually settled on ₱3,000, although the iconic old slippers were not included in the final purchase.

The story of Diwata’s visit to “Pinoy Pawnstars” became a hot topic online, highlighting her determination and the sentimental value behind seemingly ordinary items. Her journey from selling pares in a cart to becoming a well-known personality continues to inspire many, showcasing the power of resilience and the significance of humble beginnings.

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