School Year 2024-2025 Set from July 29 to April 15

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has greenlit the return to the traditional school calendar, setting the opening of the 2024-2025 school year on July 29, 2024. The decision was made during a sectoral meeting in Malacañang on May 21, 2024, attended by Education Secretary and Vice President Sara Duterte, aiming to address public concerns and gradually revert to the April-May school break.

School Opening

During the meeting, Duterte presented two options for the new school calendar. The first option proposed 180 school days, including 15 in-person Saturday classes. The second option suggested 165 school days without any Saturday classes, with both options concluding on March 31, 2025. However, Marcos rejected the 165-day school calendar, citing concerns over its brevity potentially compromising learning outcomes.

Instead, Marcos endorsed the 180-day school calendar but extended the end date to April 15, 2025, ensuring no Saturday classes to safeguard students’ well-being and manage resource demands. “Habaan lang natin ‘yung school days. Para matagal, dagdagan na lang natin ‘yung school days basta huwag natin gagalawin ‘yung Saturday. So, the school day will remain the same. Standard lang,” Marcos stated, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a standard school week without encroaching on weekends.

The Department of Education (DepEd) had previously adjusted the school calendar to shift the school break from April-May to June-July due to the rainy season, which frequently disrupts classes. However, the recent extreme heat during the summer months has led to the widespread suspension of face-to-face classes, prompting a reevaluation of the calendar.

The approved calendar aims to strike a balance between maximizing educational contact time and accommodating environmental and health considerations. By resuming the traditional school year, the administration hopes to enhance the learning experience while mitigating disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions.

Parents and educators have expressed mixed reactions to the decision. Some welcome the return to a familiar schedule, while others remain concerned about potential heatwaves in the early months of the school year. The DepEd has assured that measures will be in place to address any heat-related issues, including potential adjustments in school activities and schedules if necessary.

As the 2024-2025 school year approaches, the focus will be on ensuring a smooth transition to the new calendar and maintaining the quality of education amidst the evolving challenges posed by climate and environmental factors. The administration’s commitment to prioritizing students’ well-being and educational outcomes remains central to these efforts.

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