“Documents will show”: Abegail Rait Asserts Francis M Is Single When They First Met

In a recent statement that has set the Philippine media abuzz, Abegail Rait has come forward to clarify her relationship with the late music icon, Francis Magalona. Rait insists that at the time they became involved, Francis Magalona was single, and she had not violated any Philippine laws with regard to his marital status.

Rait’s statement was made in a video she uploaded in her YouTube channel and she was quoted as saying, “Sana may maglakas ng loob na sabihin na wala na sila ni Pia [Magalona] nung dumating ako sa buhay niya. Dalaga po ako nung naging kami ni Kiko. Wala na po siya sa family residence nila for years.”

She further explained, “Wala po akong na-violate na batas sa Pilipinas dahil single po ang marital status ng partner ko hanggang sa kinamatayan niya. Pinaliwanag sa akin ni Kiko from the start what we’re facing, documents will show. Kaya ipinagpaalam na niyan sa mommy ko at saka sa pamilya ko, sa lola ko.”

francis m and abigail rait

It was previously reported that Robby Tarroza claims Francis M and Pia’s were not married in the Philippines.

These statements address ongoing speculation about the nature of her relationship with Francis Magalona, who was married to Pia Magalona. Francis Magalona, widely known as “Kiko,” was an influential figure in the Philippine music industry, and his untimely passing in 2009 was a significant loss to the country’s entertainment scene.

Abegail Rait’s assertion has prompted renewed interest in the past and has raised questions about her intentions behind coming forward with these claims at this time. The media and the public are eagerly awaiting further details or documentation that might corroborate her statement.

Abegail Rait also apologized to the family of Francis Magalona for the distress her expose has caused them.

Francis Magalona’s family, especially his widow Pia Magalona, has not yet responded to Rait’s statements. Given the sensitive nature of this matter, it remains to be seen how this revelation will be received and whether it will lead to additional disclosures or discussions regarding Francis Magalona’s life and relationships.

As the story continues to develop, it is clear that Abegail Rait’s statements have introduced a new chapter in the intriguing narrative of one of the Philippines’ beloved musical icons. The public’s interest in this topic remains high, and further information may emerge to shed light on this complex and personal matter.

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