Dr. Raquel Fortun reacts to 1000 Pesos Weekly Meal Plan of Neri Naig

Neri Naig Miranda’s post about the 1000 pesos meal plan became viral and controversial. This may be because of the hardships and high prices we’ve experienced, making it difficult for most people to accept such a low budget for a family. Many Filipinos are unhappy with the prices of goods, especially rice, which is our staple food. It has reached over 60 pesos per kilo, and this is a significant part of the Philippines’ land, mainly used for rice farming. However, due to past calamities such as floods and typhoons, a large percentage of rice fields have been affected, thus affecting rice prices in the market.

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The price of meat followed suit, as we recently had an outbreak of swine flu, particularly in Mindanao and Visayas, where many pigs died and were buried without being utilized. Additionally, the prices of onions, garlic, and yesterday, chili prices soared, reaching up to 900 pesos per kilo. For some, such a meal plan budget for a family is unacceptable.


Yesterday, Chito Miranda expressed his dismay over the backlash to Neri’s post. He claimed that Neri had something she wanted to convey to the Filipino people, but most didn’t understand its meaning. Neri then deleted the post, intending to revise and clarify the meal plan for better understanding by the majority.

Like many, even the famous forensic pathologist, Dr. Raquel Fortun, couldn’t resist reacting on her Instagram. According to Dr. Fortun, “Food for 1 wk? Tatlo kami. And it’s supposed to be leftover night tonight? Oh my 😖” along with a picture of a thousand pesos.

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