New Dance Move Called “Kirig Dance Move” Become Viral

The natural cheerfulness of Filipinos makes us quick to embrace viral trends, such as the “Kiring Dance Move,” a unique dance step created by a local dancer during a community dance. Similar to how Miss Universe contestants have their signature walks and dances, we also have our own dance crazes, like the popular “budots” dance.

Duterte Doing Budots

And now, the ‘Kirig Dance Move’, which has gained popularity. This dance is suitable for anyone who wants to let loose. It may be fueled by a bit of alcohol-induced silliness, but it has entertained many, which is why it went viral.

Kirig Dance Move

Numerous dance trends have gone viral on social media, amassing millions of views, and each has its own unique twist. This particular trend started in the town of Nasipit, Butuan, Agusan del Norte, specifically in Brgy. Culit, during a barangay dance event where many people were dancing to the upbeat remix music.

Kirig Dance Move

Despite the challenges we face, we Filipinos remain joyful and resilient. We can overcome the problems that life throws at us. We are all affected by the high cost of living, political issues that dominate our television, radio, and social media feeds, and the controversial use of confidential funds. We also deal with rice shortages and rising fuel prices. But through these videos, we find moments of entertainment and laughter that momentarily lift the heaviness from our hearts.

These videos have received a warm response from netizens, earning praise and admiration. So, let’s continue to spread positivity, do good deeds, and keep our faith in God.

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