Gretchen Ho Reacts to the Killing of Chao Yumol’s Father

Gretchen Ho Expresses Reactions to the Death of Chao Yumol’s Father

Sports reporter Gretchen Ho has expressed her reactions to the death of Ateneo shooting suspect Chao Tiao Yumol’s father.

On Twitter, the former Ateneo Lady Eagles volleyball player condemned killing of Rolando Yumol, the father of the suspect in Ateneo shooting incident. The 38-year-old doctor was reportedly the suspect in the shooting incident in Ateneo De Manila University last Sunday, July 24.

Gretchen Ho Yumol's Father

Based on the report, three persons were killed in the shooting, including Jeneven Bandiala, an on-duty security guard, former Lamitan Mayor Rosita “Rose” Furijay, and her longtime executive assistant Victor Capistrano. Rolando Yumol, the father of Dr. Yumol, was assassinated in front of their home in Lamitan City, Basilan, few days after the incident.

According to the police investigation, the elder Yumol was shot four times before he died. He was killed by two unknown gunmen who were riding in tandem on a motorcycle.

The victim was taken by ambulance to the Lamitan District Hospital, but the victim was already pronounced dead. Ho believed that incident was unfair. She emphasized that one person’s death is equivalent to another’s.

“Violence begets violence. Two wrongs don’t make a right,” she said on her tweet.

“The cycle of hate just continues and wounds deepen. None of it is justifiable,” she added.

The Lamitan Police, meanwhile, are simultaneously looking into the incident and trying to determine what led to the death of Dr. Yumol’s father. The Furigay family’s attorney, on the other hand, has refuted claims that they were responsible for Rolando Yumol’s death.

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