NBI Operations vs POGO Workers Flagged over Extortion Reports

NBI Operations Against POGO Workers Stopped Due to Extortion

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) operations against the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) workers were stopped due to alleged extortion.

As a result of allegations of extortion and other irregularities concerning POGO, Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla warned the NBI in their operation against them. Remulla informed NBI Director Medardo de Lemos of the operation due to a poor reputation based on the report.

NBI Pogo Extortion

Remulla characterized the anomaly as a straightforward flaw in the NBI agents’ operation against POGO. He emphasized that it must cease and won’t happen again.

Remulla claims that some POGO employees are also involved in issues like kidnapping. He said that they abduct one another, file lawsuits against one another with the DOJ, and later settle.

“We just get involved in their intramurals… so we have to stop it. We would only act if there is really a police matter that is necessary for us to work on,” added Remulla.

Remulla stated that he does not yet know whether high-ranking NBI personnel are associated with the irregularity; all he is aware of at this point is that there are several operations being carried out against POGO, which is worrying and needs to be stopped. It is well known that there was an influx of POGO during the previous president Rodrigo Duterte’s term in office.

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