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Imee Marcos Claims ‘Maid In Malacañang’ Film is a Work of Truth

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Senator Imee Marcos Insists ‘Maid In Malacañang’ is a Work of Truth

IMEE MARCOS – The senator insisted the film of controversial director Darryl Yap ‘Maid In Malacañang is a “work of truth.

In response to claims that the movie was seeking to revise history, the senator stated in an interview at the Senate on Wednesday that the movie is a “work of truth.” Before making any comments about the movie, Marcos advised the audience to watch it.

Imee Marcos Work Truth

The sister of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. claims that viewers should decide whether or not the film is a piece of art. The movie is “accurate and historically correct,” she added.

“Nasa mga manood ang paghuhusga kung work of art siya o kung hindi. Pero ang masasabi ko lamang para sa panig ko, it’s a work of truth. Hangga’t maari, lahat ay accurate at historically correct,” the senator said.

The senator also questioned why critics hastened to label the movie as historical revisionism despite the fact that it had only just begun playing as of Wednesday, August 3. It would be the first time that Filipinos would see a peek of what actually transpired in the Palace during their family’s final days in power, Senator Marcos continued.

She added that she hoped the movie will spark a debate about what took on at the time. Darryl Yap, the director, expressed gratitude to the senator for the license and clearance given to the film, which sought to fill in the “missing piece in our history.”

According to him, the script is “quite true,” with the exception of some cinematic appeal and entertainment value. On the other side, the movie made more than 41 million pesos after just one showing.

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