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Gwen Garcia Defends Carmelite Nuns Over Mahjong Scene in MIM

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Gwen Garcia Condemns Malicious Attempt to Malign Carmelite Nuns

Governor of Cebu Gwendolyn “Gwen” Garcia defends the Carmelite Monastery nuns and condemned the malicious attempt to malign them.

Garcia publicly defended the Carmelite Sisters on Facebook, alleging that they appeared in the contentious movie Maid in Malacaang playing mahjong with the late President Cory Aquino. A few hours after the Carmelite Nuns officially condemned the movie, the governor made a statement.

“I stand with the Carmelite nuns of Cebu. And I condemn any malicious attempt to malign them,” Garcia wrote on her official Facebook account

Gwen Garcia Carmelite Nuns

Garcia, however, omitted from her message the title of the movie. Prioress of the Carmelite Monastery in Bryce is Sister Mary Melanie Costillas. Mabolo, Cebu City, blasted Maid in Malacaang’s production company for reportedly painting them in a poor light.

The problematic moments in Maid in Malacaang were labeled by Costillas as repugnant and “an attempt to pervert history.” The Carmelites’ comment also came as social media erupted when users posted images from the upcoming movie’s trailer and hinted that they were scenes from former President Cory’s visit there in 1986.

The Maid in Malacaang production crew later emphasized that they weren’t talking about the Carmelite Nuns. Through his Facebook page VinCentiments, director Darryl Yap said that their research team had taken Anne Nelson’s 1988 piece In the Grotto of the Pink Sisters as their inspiration.

The bi-monthly political magazine Mother Jones, with its headquarters in California, published Nelson’s essay on January 19, 1988. Google Books has a digital version of the magazine’s edition available.

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