Iza Calzado Wedding Video By Bob Nicolas Sets Online Community Emotional & In Tears

Check out the heart-melting Iza Calzado wedding video by Bob Nicholas.

IZA CALZADO WEDDING VIDEO – Here is the very heart-melting wedding video of Iza Calzado which set online community emotional.

The Kapamilya actress Iza Calzado tied the know with British businessman Ben Wintle in a very dreamy wedding ceremony held in what seems like a paradise to anyone probably – in a beach right in front of the setting of the sun.


Accordingly, the now married couple met last 2011 in a magazine event, the time when the actress was also healing from a failed relationship for more than two years with Atticus King.

They met and known each other without having some games just how Iza wanted it to be and went out for a couple of dates which includes of also going out to hospital as Iza’s father was sick. The actress father passed away last November 2011. And he was there with her when she mourned and became a mess over a great loss. He was patient with her when she’s grieving. He’s just there by her side and that is simply just a greatest thing one could do to someone whose happiness was snatched out from them.


And roughly 8 years after their first meeting, the two tied the knot and decided to settle down. Their wedding was held at the beach under the beautiful setting of the sun and the hues of its rays just perfectly reflects to the emotions of everyone who witnessed it.

The setting of the sun might metaphorically mean an ending but for the couple, it was also en ending – an ending of their search and their end which is with each other.

Watch their heart-melting official wedding video below as posted on Bob Nicholas’ YouTube channel:

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