Jake Zyrus on Comparing Charice Pempengco to Others: “Hindi na siya mabubuhay!”

Jake Zyrus Reacts to People Comparing Charice Pempengco to Other Singers

International singer Jake Zyrus expresses reactions toward people who keep comparing Charice Pempengco to other singers.

Following Canadian musician David Foster’s concert in the Philippines, the moniker Charice Pempengco has been making the rounds on social media. A segment of his show in which Filipina singer Morissette Amon performs Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” gets divisive online.

Raquel Pempengco, Jake’s mother, responds and criticizes Foster’s concert, arguing that no one can replace the “Legendary Charice” when it comes to singing. Raquel feels that because there is only one Charice Pempengco, no one can ever replace him.

Jake Zyrus Charice Pempengco

She added that she is aware of the composer’s desired timbre of voice and that she has been telling him since the beginning that Charice’s voice is distinctive. She even compared her daughter’s singing abilities to those of Alanis Morissette, to which many netizens agreed.

Meanwhile, Jake finally speaks out against those who constantly compare him to other artists. It annoys the singer when people keep asking him to resurrect or return to his previous self/voice.

According to the PEP report, Jake Zyrus stated during a recent online gaming session that Charice Pempengco could no longer be revived. He further stated that Charice fans can listen to her music at their leisure.

“Anong gusto ninyong mangyari? Bubuhayin si Charice? Paano? Scientifically, wala, e. It’s impossible because I’m already taking, like, hormones because that’s who I am,” he said. 

Then he addressed individuals who make comparisons between Charice and other vocalists. Jake Zyrus stated that being compared to Charice was a sort of disrespect not only to him but also to other singers.

And to actually compare the old me to some of the greatest singers out there, hindi lang disrespectful sa akin yon! Disrespectful din sa kanila yon!” he said. 

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