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Jovelyn Galleno Have an Affair with the Husband of Her Manager?

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Manager of Jovelyn Galleno Clarifies Affair Issues with Her Husband

The manager of a boutique where Jovelyn Galleno worked clarified the rumors that the missing young lady is having an affair with her husband.

Due to her inexplicable disappearance, Jovelyn Galleno has recently been the topic of conversation on social media. It had been 11 days since the 22-year-old criminology student vanished.

Jovelyn Galleno Manager Husband

The manager of the store where Jovelyn, the missing criminology student, worked was drawn into the situation as a result of suspicions that she had something to do with the student’s disappearance. The store manager, Karen Gonzales, was named as a suspect because it is said that she is envious of Jovelyn.

She denied having any resentment toward the girl, though. Karen Gonzales claimed in an interview with Radyo Pilipinas Palawan that she had no idea Jovelyn and her husband were dating.

Gonzales claims that she and Jovelyn have a wonderful connection and that she has no ill intentions against the young woman. The manager acknowledged Jovelyn’s diligence while simultaneously praising her, which made it difficult for her to conceal her worry about the incident’s potential results.

The initial CCTV videos that have been made public show that Jovelyn was last seen leaving for her place of employment within the mall. Gonzales appeared emotionless during a reporter interview on August 10 which increased suspicions among internet users.

However, it was confirmed by the police that Jovelyn left the mall and got into a car. The girl has not been seen for 11 days. The Galleno family pleaded with internet users to refrain from making up new tales since doing so would only complicate the authorities’ investigation.

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