Vince Tañada Says His Martial Law Film ‘Katips’ is Successful

Martial Law Film ‘Katips’ is Successful Says Director Vince Tañada

VINCE TAÑADA – The director and producer of ‘Katips’ claimed that the martial law film is successful and earned huge revenue.

Tañada insisted that their film can be regarded as a success. Tañada stated that while their film is still playing in theaters, it cannot be deemed as failure in an interview with him for the Global Daily Mirror.

Katips Successful

Additionally, it is untrue what is being said by the people behind their competing film, “Maid in Malacaang,” that the movies have diminished them. As previously mentioned, Darryl Yap, the director of MiM, claimed that Katips was already being removed out of theaters due to their low profitability.

“Hindi rin kami flop kasi hanggang ngayon showing kami…sila daw 218 cinemas, kami 60 na lang, pero ang totoo 110 pa rin kami hanggang ngayon…pero kung flop ang pelikula ni 60 wala ka. First day mo pa lang pull-out kana kung flop,” explained Tañada.

Tañada can claim that the Katips have already made a sizable profit if you consider their investment in the film’s production. He claimed that the reason “Katips” is successful is that its income exceeds our investment.

However, Tañada continued to refuse to reveal how much money the “Katips” made, defying Yap’s challenge to him. Katips will currently attempt to compete the Maid in Malacaang in other nations including the United Arab Emirates.

Some online users, particularly those opposed to Marcos, praised Tañada for having the guts to release a film in response to Darryl Yap’s divisive work. The MIM tells the tale of the Marcos family’s final 72 hours at the Malacaang Palace before being driven from power by the people.

The “Katips,” on the other hand, tells the tale of residents whose lives were adversely affected by Martial Law. The narrative describes how common Filipinos dealt with the dictatorship of the late president Marcos Sr.

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